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Frequently Asked Questions


What will you do with my investment ?


Your investment will be used soley for the purposes of investment in a range of properties or land, including residential and commercial.


Where will the properties or land be ?

All within the UK in areas where we consider to be the best value for money and that will provide the best return.


We do occasionally have the opportunity to invest overseas, some investments of which represent great value, but in these instances we will consult with investors first who would be able to opt out of these type of investment if they wish.


Is my investment guaranteed ?


Like all investments, it is not guaranteed, however, time and time again over a very long period of time, investment in property has always proved to be the most sucessful and stable of all investments.


What do you do with the properties ?


We would either refubish them and sell for gain, rent them or hold onto them. We also develop land and properties.


How do you keep me informed of the progress of the portfolio ?


We are effectively a property club and as such we feel that it is important that everybody is fully informed.


To achieve this objective we send a quarterly news letter full of information plus we have an annual meeting which everyone is welcome to attend plus we have an open door policy at our offices.


Furthermore, we are always available on the telephone or by email.


Why the Property Alliance ?


There are many reasons why you should choose the Property Alliance. 

We have over 30 years experience in the property market.


We know exactly where to buy and the areas to avoid, what type of property to buy and the type to keep away from.


The property business, especially when dealt with on a large scale is, contrary to popular understanding, extremely complex and if not handled in the correct way can be dangerous and confusing.


On the contrary, if handled in the correct way it can be an excellent and highly profitable investment.

What is the minimum I can invest ?


 The minimum investment is £1000.00 and increments of £ 1000.00 thereafter. The minimum investment period is 1 year.

Can I discuss my investment without obligation ?

Yes, you can call us, email us or visit us at any time



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